Darkness Moon
Author Wildwindstar
Illustrator Wildwindstsar
Publication date Unknown
Published by Unknown
Publication Order
Followed by
Light Sun and Dark Sun

Alleganges Edit


Fireclawstar handsome ginger tom, with long claws in the front and back paws


Wildwind gray with white stripes she-cat

Medicine cat

Horsecloud brown she-cat


Shadowclaw black and white on the tip of his tail tom

Shadowface black she-cat with white star on her tail

Riverstearm blue and black stripes and a gray she-cat

Specklecloud silver tom

Ryanclaw black tom with long claws in front paws

Stumpclaw black tom

Windclaw gray and white stripes tom with black tip

Angleheart ginger she cat with a white stripes

Blackclaw black tom with very long front claws

Reavenclaw black and gray stripes tom

Loinclaw golden brown tom

Shrewtail brown she-cat

Thunderbolt black and ginger stripes

Fireclaw ginger tom with long front claw

Herbstorm brown tom use to be a medicine cat

Fisheye silver tom

Firecloud ginger tom

Kickclaw brown she-cat

Lillywand snow white she-cat

Poundface black tom

Clawface black tom

Whiteclaw white tom

Susiefur tortoiseshell ginger

Hannahflower tortoiseshell ginger


Poppypaw brown and gray she-cat motor Kickclaw

Firepaw handsome ginger tom motor Riverstearm

Dogpaw brown and black she-cat motor Windclaw

Brightpaw white and black she-cat, motor Wildwind

Isabellapaw ginger she-cat Susiefur as motor

Bellepaw tortoiseshell black Hannahflower as motor

Killpaw black tom motor Clawface

Owlpaw brown and black tom Firecloud


Starnose a white she-cat with a star on top of her nose Thunderbolt kits

Lillywand snow white she-cat Clawface kits

Shadowface black she-cat Kickclaw kits

Heatherlion brown she-cat Lionmane


Brownface brown tom

Gingerclaw ginger she-cat

Tomclaw black tom

Blackclaw black tom with long claws


Leader Blackclawstar black tom

Deputy Frostfur brown she-cat

Warriors Samclaw black tom

Quinnclaw black tom

Lightingbolt ginger tom


Leader Blackstar large white tom with huge jet-black paws

Warriors Blackpelt black tom

Apprentice Moonpaw silver she-cat,


Apprentice Kinpaw brown she-cat


Leader Firestar

Deputy Brambleclaw

Medicine cat: Jayfeather silver tom with blind eyes

Warrior Sandstorm


Leader Flamecloudstar ginger tom

Deputy Redcloud ginger tom


Horseminnow brown she-cat

Nettleclaw brown tom

Cats out of the clans

Rainpoppy sliver she-cat

Nettlekit brown tom

Ravenpaw black tom


Chapter 1Edit

“Hey come back here Horeskit to the nursery now.” Said Starnose Horsekit was going to see her who came back from bounder petrol. Thunderbolt told, “Do what your mom tells you Horsekit and it’s leaf-bare.” She said, “Ok Thunderbolt I will not do that again and mom I coming.” Her brothers and sister Nosekit, Blackkit and Frostkit were sleeping. Starnose said, “Hey kits you almost six moons old. Tomorrow is the gathing. The next day is your name.” Horsekit wonder why leader are was coughing a lot. She knew today was the last day of leaf-bare. Hollyclaw, Ravenwing, Talltail and Loinmane

Wildwind call up from bird’s nest she said. “Cats old please catch some prey for a clan meeting.” Where is Fireclawstar? Wildwind said, “Fireclawstar is die this morning and tonight I will go to the moon tree and get my nine lives. First I will first points a new deputy Ryanclaw will u be are new deputy.” He said, “I will Wildwind I all was being at your side.” I knew she met 36 lives because her mom and dad are from the shadow clan. She said. “One more thing a will a point four new warriors, I Wildwind the leader of the bird clan call from the moon clan four of these apprentices. Ravenpaw, Hollypaw, Loinpaw and Tallpaw do u what to be warriors.” Ravenpaw said, “I do.” Hollypaw said, “I do.” Loinpaw said, “I do.” Tallpaw said. “I do.” She said. “Ravenpaw now you’re new is Ravenwing welcome you’re a full warrior. Hollypaw now you’re new name is Hollyclaw now u is a full warrior. Lionpaw you’re new warrior name is Loinmane now u are a full warrior and now Tallpaw you’re new name is Talltail now u r a full warrior. All night u has to stay up and watch the camp.” Wow that was fun to watch it. After the meeting I went back to my nest.

I walk over to the nursery Starnose was talking to Thunderbolt she said. “So what have a brother from dark sun clan?” I wish mom shouldn’t say that who told her that he had a brother. When Thunderbolt left the nursery I said, “Mom who told u that?” she said, “Frostkit she was talking to Dogpaw you’re older sister when I came and told her come back here.” Why Dogpaw why really. My dad was mad at mom for telling him he had a brother from a different clan. Should I tell Wildwind or not or will be in trouble with Thunderbolt? I wish dad was talking to me right now he was with his sister Angleheart. She is so nice I hope I have her motor.


Chapter 2Edit

The whole clan said bye to Wildwind and good luck and have fun. Her mate Firecloud I will see in the morning. Wildwind was walking to the moon tree. She climbs the tree and put her nose on a leaf and felt to sleep.

When she woke up but at inland in the middle of the lake, she saw moon clan and star clan cats came. The first cat was Ragglestar. “Your first life is caring to cats.” Next her mom Yellowfang she was a medical cat for two clans. “I give u love for your next one.” Borkentail gave life her next, then Runningnose, then Tallstar, then Bluestar, Silverstearm, Sottedtail, more in till the last one and Fireclawstar said, “I will give you final life and you leader name Wildwindstar welcome to be a leader.”

I came into camp and saw the new four warriors and said, “Your vigil is over you cats u can rest in the warriors den.” They went to the warriors den and their nests where made for them. I call up from and said, “Cats that are old enough catch some prey and sit under Bird nest.” Horsekit come racing out of the nursery really fast she looks happy. I said, “My new name is Wildwindstar and I’m so happy to be you’re leader now I saw the shadow clan coming this way the whole clan was with their leader but not kits and elders.” Thunderbolt look weird and Talltail said, “But tonight is the full moon. Please Moonclan please help us.” I said, “Everyone please clam down elders and kits stay in the nursery and first I will put 4 new apprentices Horsekit, Frostkit, Nosekit and Blackkit. You guys are only five moons old but after I got my 36 lives Fireclawstar said there will be a battle coming soon. Horsepaw your motor is Angleheart; Frostpaw your motor is Firecloud, Nosepaw your motor is Whiteclaw and Blackpaw your motor is Ravenwing.”

Then as we brook off the new apprentice where heading to the training hallow. I saw Thunderbolt walking round then he look in around then he went off to the nursery. Then he rushing to me and said. “Your mom is going to have kits.” I said, “Really tell her that good luck.” Starnose was in the nursery again wow. Angleheart called me over. We went to the training hallow and learned some battle moves.

Shadowclaw said, “Who are you taking to the gathering tonight Wildwindstar?” I said, “Shadowclaw, Angleheart, all the warriors and apprentices.” Lillywand, Shadowface and Heatherlion were in the nursery. Horsecloud was the medicine cat. Angleheart was grooming her brother Thunderbolt and Herbstorm now a warrior.

“Hey Horsepaw, it’s time to go.” Said Angleheart, this was my first Garthing. It was the final time something is going to be good at it because I’m apprentice now. Wait Lightingbolt will be there right. When we got there we were the first ones there to be here. There came a voice coming from the trees. It was Firestar, “I thought that we will be here first this time.” Wildwindstar said, “Nice try maybe next time.” When we saw the Shadowclan, Wildwindstar just kept talking to Firestar, A black tom who I never seen before was talking to Ryanclaw. I walk over I said, “Hello my name is Horsepaw. What is your name?” the black tom said, “my name is Blackpelt. You must be Thunderbolt daughter.” I said, “How do you know my farther? Yes I’m his daughter.” He said, “I’m his farther I use to be your clanmate. How are he and the clan?” I said, “They are both doing well. My mentor is Angleheart and she is his sister. I thought Firecloud is his farther?” he said, “I was born in that that clan. I was their birth farther not Firecloud.” Firecloud came over, he said, “Blackpelt why are you talking to Horsepaw and Ryanclaw Shadowclaw what’s to talk to you right now.” He said, “She came over here. You know that I’m Thunderbolt’s birth farther not you.” He growled and said, “Wildwindstar didn’t tell me that you are still alive.” He walks away with Ryanclaw and me. Why does he want me away from him? Wildwindstar was waiting for the other leaders.

Wildwindstar said, “We have four new warriors Hollyclaw, Ravenwing, Talltail and Loinmane and four new Horsepaw, Frostpaw, Nosepaw and Blackpaw.” Blackstar said, “I like everyone to know there’s a new clan I like to the Darksunclan.” The leader appears. A warrior from Riverclan said, “Why you are here this is a warriors clans gathering.” Angleheart said, “yeah a warrior clan not just the leader.” the other leader spoke. Ryanclaw said, “it’s time to go Horsepaw and don’t tell anyone about Blackpelt.” I nodded.

The next day Ryanclaw said, “Angleheart, Horsepaw, Stumpclaw and Specklecloud go to Shadowclan border and renew scent makers and come back.” Ryanclaw whispered, “Look for Blackpelt, Horsepaw.” I nodded.

While the others were looking the other way I was looking for a border patrol, Angleheart was racing over towards me and said, “Shadowclan cross the border.” I said, “Which ones?” she said, “Blackpelt, Blackstar and Tanwypelt go and tell Wildwindstar right now.” I ran up the hill strait towards camp. I yell, “Shadowclan has crossed the border I need a battle patrol.” Ryanclaw said, “Fireclaw, Reavenclaw, Ravenwing and Blackpaw go with Horsepaw. Loinmane, Talltail and Hollyclaw go with Firecloud to the top of the hill.”

My first and I was face with a she-cat name Kinpaw I fought really hard. She race back towards her border then Blackpelt came up. Ryanclaw yowled, “No you won’t Horsepaw. You won’t hurt Blackpelt I will hurt you.” He jumps at me I dodge and slice my claws against Ryanclaw and said, “Trader to Birdclan and Wildwindstar.”

“Did someone say my name?” Wildwindstar, Riverstearm and Blackclaw appeared and she heard everything he said, she said, “Ryanclaw you exile from Birdclan if we find you on our territory by dawn tomorrow we will kill you.” Ryanclaw look round and ran off towards camp entrenture and headed off. Riverstearm said, “Who is the new deputy. A patrol just came back with a dead body.” Whiteclaw said, “I’m sorry we were cleaning up the battle field and we found this.” There lay Firecloud her mate.

Wildwindstar said, “No he was a young cat when I join the Birdclan the first time. He was a great warrior and mate. Every cat old another to climb the trees comes to hear my words of your leader.” I brought myself with my brothers and sister. She said, “Ryanclaw has be trade our clan and he has left our clan and I like to make two new warriors Horsepaw and Blackpaw come over here. I Wildwindstar the leader of the Birdclan, Moonclan look down at theses apprentices they have trained as warriors and they have like warriors. Angleheart and Whiteclaw have your apprentices train hard.” They both said, “They have Wildwindstar.” Wildwindstar said, “Horsepaw for moment on you will be known as Horsewhisker and Blackpaw you will be known as Blackcloud. Owlpaw you need a new mentor Shrewtail are you ready for your first apprentice.” Shrewtail said, “I’m glad for my first apprentice hello Owlpaw.” Wildwindstar said, “Our new deputy is Whiteclaw.” Whiteclaw said, “thank you Wildwindstar.”

It was my first night as a warrior with my brother Blackcloud I feel bad for my other brothers and sister. I saw five warriors coming it were not Birdclan warriors it was Shadowclan. I yowled, “There is Shadowclan warriors coming.” Everyone woke up, Blackcloud said, “I see them also thank u. wait a min. and Dark sun clan.” Whiteclaw said, “Horsewhisker go with Shrewtail and Owlpaw to go to the Thunderclan, Blackcloud with Poppypaw and Fireclaw and Frostpaw go to Windclan and Shadowface go with Shadowclaw and Reavenclaw go to Riverclan for help.”

Horsewhisker found herself with Shrewtail inside Thunderclan territory, Owlpaw said, “Guys we our inside and it’s still night time how are we going to tell them?” I said, “We will scream that Shadow and Dark sun clan are attacking our camp. Ok you two.” They both nodded we look around we found us in a stony hallow, I said, “Shadow clan and Dark sun clan is attacking our camp.” A she-cat appear, “what I don’t see them, Horsepaw why are you here. Oh they are attacking your camp. My name is Sandstorm.” I said, “My name is Horsewhisker and yes we came for help.” Firestar said, “You need our yes we can Brambleclaw get a patrol ready for a fight.”

Thunderclan follow me to our camp Owlpaw said, “When I say attack, attack on attack.” everyone nodded; Owlpaw and Horsewhisker were waiting for the others. I said, “Attack all clans.” We all ran out I saw Kinpaw fighting two warriors Starnose and Thunderbolt were fighting against a ginger tom. I ran towards Kinpaw and kick her in the legs. She turns around and fought back, Blackpelt was facing Whiteclaw and Wildwindstar and Kinpaw race out of camp. Sandstorm was fighting Blackstar, I found myself with Brambleclaw and a brown tom fighting against Blackpelt and Ryanclaw. Blackstar and the Darksunclan leader said, “Retreat both clans.” Both clans ran out, Wildwindstar said, “I want to thank all the clans that help.” Firestar and the others said, “Your welcome Wildwindstar.”

Wildwindstar said, “Every cat old another to climb the trees comes to hear my words for a clan meeting at Birds nest.” Everyone climb a tree, she said, “Owlpaw and Poppypaw they fought great fought like warriors today and I Wildwindstar the leader of the Birdclan, Moonclan look down at theses apprentices they have trained as warriors and they have like warriors, Shrewtail and Kickclaw have they train hard and are they ready to be warriors.” They both nodded, she said, “Owlpaw you will be known as Owltail and Poppypaw you will be known as Poppyslash you are now full warriors.”

I said, “Congrates Owltail.” He said, “Thanks if only my mom and dad will see me now.” I said, “Who is your mom and dad?” he said, “Rainpoppy and Ryanclaw, my mom had turn into rouge and my dad left to a different clan.” I said, “Who are your Littermates?” he said, “Herbstorm is my uncle my sister is Poppyslash and my brother is Nettlekit he had left cause of Owlpeltstar had made him and my mom leave the clan not me or Poppyslash, our Aunt was Mooncloud but she had die in the battle of Fireclan defending nursery when Stumpclaw and Horsecloud we were kits.”

Wildwindstar said, “tonight is the gathering I want you three to go I what my clan not to look weak not after the battles.” Horsewhisker, Owltail, Blackcloud and Poppyslash nodded. I was my first Gathering as warrior.


Chapter 3Edit

We were heading for gathering I was with Owltail, Blackcloud and Poppyslash was heading to the island, I was running I wanted to see Blackpelt since the battle. I ran into Blackpelt, he said, “hey Horsepaw.” I said, “My name is Horsewhisker, I got my warrior name after the first battle.” He said, “Cool, Kinpaw is really tried to defeat you twice.” I said, “Well Owltail also got his warrior name and Poppyslash and my brother Blackcloud. Where is Ryanclaw he said he will be here with a surprise for us where is he?” I saw Flamecloudstar and his clan and where is Darksunclan? Brambleclaw came racing towards me and Blackpelt. He said, “Come over and see this Dustpelt and Blackcloud are doing to Jumping consent.” I and Blackpelt went racing there stood Blackcloud and the brown tom I was fighting with Yesterday. A she-cat said, “Good luck Mate.” He said, “Thanks Ferncloud.” Blackcloud jump as high as every tree here, Dustpelt jump into air and jump as high as the sky, I said, “Wow for Thunderclan cat you look like a Birdclan cat.” Dustpelt said, “Thanks Horsewhisker.” I said, “Your welcome Dustpelt.”

Wildwindstar said, “we have four new warriors Horsepaw, Owlpaw, Blackpaw and Poppypaw got there Warrior names Horsewhisker, Owltail, Blackcloud and Poppyslash. To let every clan know that Birdclan is not weak after our last leader died.” A black tom said, “so what he was just a leader.” Shadowclaw said, “He was a great leader and if you think not next time in battle with your clan I will shred you.” He said, “oh k I think he is great leader.” I said, “I you think it is wrong to have cats out of clan if a leader tell you.” Wildwindstar said, “The leader before the leader Owlpeltstar has taken out some of our warriors and that is not right, he had no reason, Lillywand mate Jameswand and Nettlekit and his mother Rainpoppy had left the clan.” Dustpelt said, “he did he must been a bad leader.” Stumpclaw said, “He was I was born before he was leader, he made me leave with bunch other cats because Wildwind medicine cat was in a battle she was with Thunderclan.” Firestar and the other leaders look at Wildwindstar. Wildwindstar look down, “Gathering over, Birdclan we are leaving right now.”

When I got home from the Gathering still why wasn’t Darksunclan there maybe they couldn’t come at all. I went to my nest Owltail was about to go his bed when my sister Frostpaw came in to say good night to Owltail.

I dream I was in a meadow Blackpelt was sitting down across the field waiting for me, he said, “Where were Ryanclaw and Darksunclan.” My dream changes, a she-cat appear and she said, “My name is Moonpelt mother of Stumpclaw and Horsecloud. I came here to tell you are in prophecy. There will be 'cats from each clan to find the lost cats that left, they will meet at the island tomorrow and meet the Kittypet king. One will leave, two will stay and the rest nobody knows what happen'.” I said, “Oh k.”

The next morning Owltail was eating already, Whiteclaw said, “Horsewhisker you and Blackclaw and Owltail go on border patrol.”

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